Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Lyrics - The Tunnel

5. The Chess Player


Black and white is the board on which he plays,
wooden figures, neatly aligned
he moves them with spidery hands.

He sits in the train and contemplates his board
deeply involved in his own private game
he wins and he loses both at a time

Opponent to move, check, two steps to the side
round in circles again and again,
Nowhere safe to go.

this life is a game
and we're just figures on the board
no chance to replay
a game of moves, like our life
there's no way back
(whatever you say or do there's no way back)

Attacked from every side, there must be a way out
two steps forward, one to the side
examine every option

It's there, the escape
you found it just-in-time
an opening to freedom

Nowhere safe to go
opponent to move, oh no!
You didn't see it coming, but now it's here.
Checkmate, you have lost the game