Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Reviews - Shadows of the past

Acid Attack Music

Martin Jones

Swiss 5 piece band that are back with their latest effort. On their pervious release I'd criticized the murky recording. As the band were young and did all the production themselves, this could have been over looked. Now I find that they have learned from their first release, now getting a much brighter and more realistic sound on this recording. The music is very much still heavy on the side of neo-progressive rock. First track and title cut Shadows of the Past is 7 minutes of textured inter woven guitar and keys with the increasingly strong vocals of Patrick Merz turning the sounds around his voice. Ice and Simple Man both run in at over 10 minutes, and are intriguing workings using to the full both the bands ability to play and their studio talents. Throughout the music you can sense influences that run from Yes, Rush and Marillion to much later 90's bands. Deep Thought is going to find favor amongst the ever growing band of "prog fans" around the world. This CD is finished off with edits of both Shadows' and Ice (aiming at the chance of any airplay that might come their way), along with some PC compatible footage of the band in the studio and press kit. Deep Thought are a young band, taking their music very seriously, and working hard at crafting their production ability. I find the music enough of an attraction to make me want to come back. As both of their CD's seem very much to be a more of a demo offering than a final finished release, I think that shortly we might just get that "classic" release from this band.