Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Reviews - Somewhere in the dark


Denis Taillefer

Switzerland doesn't produced a lot of progressive bands in the past time until today, do we have to remember about DEYSS, CYE and most recently CLEPSYDRA, SCYTHE and FORGOTTEN SUNS - DEEP THOUGHT is somewhere in the same genre than the two first bands mention here, but a bit harder/metal and mostly much rockish and surely also much more complexe than them two. I think the music of DEEP THOUGHT can be compare to PENDRAGON, with shorts hints like GENESIS, MARILLION, ARENA (guitar soloing), IQ, even EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, etc, etc... but in a more rockish format and complexier than them. Almost of the reviews I red, is stipulated in it that MARILLION and early GENESIS are the first influences back to their music, DEEP THOUGHT is also often caracterised by neo-progressive-rock also.

This is the first CD by DEEP THOUGHT with a label, they previously released two Demo, two CD and a MCD on their own production, it mean by the way that these guys are not at their first recording, Marcel Oehler and Dominik Pfleghaar are simply playing and rehearsing together since ten years now, which let behind them a really nice background musically. Released by Gallileo records, this very nice CD is one of the best in the genre for 2002 and to went out from Switzerland, excellent progressive-rock...