Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Reviews - Somewhere in the dark

Classic Rock Socienty

Martin Hudson

Here's an album by a Swiss band on a Swiss label with paperwok supplied with examples of reviews so far. Well I'm sorry, there prog reviewers must have been listening to a differnt album to me. The vocals are ordinary and the music seems to be desperately trying to hang to the coat tails of what has been created by Genesis and Marillion. It does have its moments in the instrumental departement but the strength of the material is mild and not what you would call gripping.

I thought bands had stopped trying to be the new Genesis but apparently not. Deep Thought is what I would call regressive rather than progressive and it is a pity because as musicians you can hear the potential trying to break through. The keyboard breaks by Dominik Pfleghaar are the highlight but that apart this is middle of the road progressive fare.