Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Reviews - Shadows of the past

More than music

Magnus Florin

Deep Thought is a band with a style that would be best described as progressive rock. At first I thought this album was gonna sound only metal, but to my suprise it sounded very soft and not at all as aggressive that I'd expected. First track Shadows of the past was an introduction to the band sound, but also to the very soft vocals from Patrick Merz. I can't say that he'll become one of my new favorite singers, but he has got potentials though to become something very interesting. Even though he's soft stylish I think he needs a bit more intensivity to his voice.

The music is very much similar to bands like Marillion and IQ. There's not the same conecpt or epic feel that these two bands usually do, but in a way Deep Thought has got the same kind of major and space feel. But their style of building up epics is a bit different. A lot of own melodies in their music too, and not just another copy cat.

The two last tracks are edits of Shadows of the past and Ice which is great to put on a CD like this. It helps radio stations to play their songs a bit more often of course.

For fans of long songs with lots of space keyboards, and soft progressive rock!