Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Lyrics - Somewhere in the dark

2. Changing the rules


The makeup she wears cannot disguise the heavy bruises she tries to hide. Her eyes are in tears and all that she fears is waiting quietly in her own home. Her coffee gets cold as she stares out of the window, her heart feels so old from building a wall against the shame, against the pain, inflicted all over and over again. He's loved by his neighbours he's nice and respected, but when he's alone with her he's like a raging storm. He kicks and he grabs her and he beats her to tears, he's worse than her deepest and darkest fears. She hides in the corner when she hears him coming, she looks at the ground when he's getting too close. She's too afraid to talk and to afraid to walk out of this house and this life. She tries to hide, she wears her pride over the pain, but it hurts her all the same. One day she drives into town and she gets a gun. She's gonna protect herself and her young one. If he ever lays hands on her again, she's gonna pull the trigger and then he'll pay for the very bad things that he's done. She's changing the rules.