Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Lyrics - Shadows of the past

3. Simple man


Woke up on a beach today, didn't know how I came there
The sky was blue, cotton clouds high up in the air
My clothes were torn, the whip was gone
I've got no-one but myself now, I'm on my own

Where is the ship on the horizon that is coming to take me home?
I wanna leave this far-away island, I wanna leave it alone
I'm building a fire, I'm lighting it up
Waiting for the boat to come and pick me up

Waves are gently lapping at the soles of my feet
The birds are circling above me, my heart just skips a beat
I'm the second Robin Crusoe, stranded on this land
I'm not the God of earth and heaven, I'm just a simple man
Just a plain and simple man

How did I get here to this place, a million miles from home
I've lost my sense of time and space and I feel so alone

I'm stranded on this land, so beautiful and calm
I'm like a message in a bottle but the bottle's gone

My body tells me what I need, my mind is in a haze,
My thoughts are drifting round and round for endless nights and days

I can see a ship on the horizon, it is coming to take me home!
Finally I'm gonna leave this far-away island, I'm gonna leave it alone
I'm gonna leave it alone