Deep Thought

a progressive rock adventure

Lyrics - Morphios

8. Yearning


There's an everlasting feeling
There's a pain inside my heart
Girl I need you
Girl I miss you
Why can't we try another start

Life's getting harder everyday
Every place too far away
I don't see you
I don't feel you
Sleepless nights and lonely days

Since you've been gone there's only darkness
Empty rooms, no life inside
My head is turning
I'm aching, yearning
Without you by my side

I remember how it started
Every single word we said
The 2 of us together
Our love would last forever
You said you'll never go away
...and I'm yearning

But now I'm lying here depressed in the cold
You were so heartless, you were so cold
I can't forget you, every night I pray
Please come back and stay

Another day that you're away
I can't go on without you
If you could see me
If you could only hear me
Would you still lock your heart away
...and I'm yearning